Food Box Advertising Malaysia

Affordable Tapao Boxes That You Can Grab And Go

Opportunities of Grabbing Affordable Tapao Boxes.

On the 10th of May 2016, we collaborated with Grab. We helped them advertised their brand image and their brand logo to create awareness about a new campaign we were conducting.

We wanted to show that we can help anyone advertise and even more on the affordable tapao boxes that we have created especially on that day.

It was only valid until June 30th 2016, and we sold some of the affordable tapao boxes in Melaka. To attract the audience even more, we gave them coupon codes so they could get discounts on their next ride.

The main goal for this campaign is so that businesses can see that there is a more stylish and better way to advertise their services. And what more that this is food boxes that would be used by many people as they would be having their lunch or dinner from those boxes.

The Function Of The Box

Which means that the consumers can see the design of the box, and, might even contact those who are on the box.

So with that said we did manage to make an impact with this campaign as we definitely showed that their reach could widen everywhere in the world today and it is cost effective.

We managed to make 12,000 of our ec0-friendly boxes in the effort of helping to reduce the cost to food operators. Not only that but, we can also show them that they no longer need to rely on polystyrene boxes.

The Outcome

From this campaign we are able to get a lot of positive responses and shows us that people do want to change and have more alternatives to the ever harmful polystyrene or other non-biodegradable boxes. And with Grab’s brand image, we feel that it helped the cause more as their brand image  design fits into the green thinking of our own social entrepreneurship.As Grab’s mission is hopefully to help everyone get affordable rides so that they do not need to rely on their own transportation.

With Malaysian being so reliant of their own transportation it surely will be difficult but Grab believes they can help reduce pollution from too many cars and the road. Hence, is the reason their fares are so affordable too many.

We shared in their vision and applauded their efforts .The reason we wanted to collaborate with Grab; to share and spread the message in overcoming the environmental problems.