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A Better Alternative to Takeaway Boxes in Malaysia

Need Takeaway Boxes? Look No Further

BRJ Bistro Corner is part of a chain of restaurants that is the “mamak”. The “mamak” is the heart and soul of Malaysia as it is the culmination of all the good food of Malaysia in one place.

Usually people love to eat at the”mamak” chains and not only to eat there but also to watch football and “yumcha” with their friends, usually both at the same time.


Well the “mamak” usually operates till the wee hours of the night, so all the football fans and the night birds can still hang out till their heart’s’ content.Thus, is why so many people love the “mamak” for this exact reason.

And on some occasions people love the food so much that they want to eat it at home as well so they usually ask to take away the food that they want. Among the food usually taken away is “nasi briyani”, “nasi kandar” and “nasi lemak”.

On rare occasions, people bring their own tupperware or containers so that they don’t have to pay for the takeaway boxes, but usually, they  accept the boxes  supplied by the restaurant.

Thus, it is no wonder why Brj Bistro Corner heavily relied on polystyrene boxes as it usually costs less. As we spoke to the owners about the harm of polystyrene boxes to not only the health of their customers but also to the environment, they started to understand and immediately sought alternatives.

A Change for Good

With that we decided to show them our food boxes which is our biodegradable takeaway boxes. It is usually designed to their taste and their choice of their brand image as we are an advertising company that wants to help businesses like theirs make a difference.

So not only did we manage to step in and change their use of polystyrene boxes, we also changed their perception on the state of the heavy use of unsafe takeaway boxes. Also we managed to show them that there is a better alternative to the ever harmful polystyrene box.

foodabox takeaway boxes

And on the 26th of December we saw that change in action as BRJ Bistro Corner proudly uses our boxes that we uniquely designed and to show the public that we want them to join us in this mission to help other businesses like them have a chance to see a better option that the way that they are leading down into.