sehati talk - showcase of lunch boxes

A Place For All Social Entrepreneurs

SEHATI By MaGIC Social Entrepreneurship|A Showcase Of Lunch Boxes

On the 26th of March 2016,MaGIC Social Entrepreneurship  created an event known as SEHATI.
Where could you find out about the social entrepreneurs of Malaysia? At SEHATI of course.

foodabox lunch boxes

If you didn’t know what’s a social entrepreneur or wanted to know the makings of an entrepreneurship in general, this was the place to be .

The event was meant to attract people from all walks of life, and had a TALKFest to showcase the importance and the information of a social entrepreneurship.

During the talk there were a number of speakers at the talk, among the speakers was our own co-founder, Mr. Dick Lim.


A TALKFest For Everyone

This TALKFest also was in place so that businesses could share their experience and their journeys all throughout their lifespan.

During the talk he mentioned the journey of Foodabox, the company which we represent.
He spoke of using organic marketing, a creative advertising approach towards a future in which we can be proud of.

Also, he mentioned about our own business model that mostly comprised of sustainable products that could help businesses change their perception on the everyday products that they use that are not eco-friendly.

Usually the businesses that we work with, they use products which are not eco-friendly. So we wanted to show them that there is a better alternative .

Thus, there was a session, in which we showed that Foodabox was the place to promote your business via lunch boxes.

But wait, isn’t Foodabox all about selling recyclable lunch boxes, you ask?

Well, we primarily do sell lunch boxes but we also help companies to run their advertising campaign on our food packaging.

During the presentation, we also showed an array of advertising designs that we designed for our clients.

Our Facebook page also serves to update on all of the projects that we create and work with others to becoming a better company.

So the main objective of this event, was to showcase the purpose of a social enterprise and, to encourage the public to be a part of the mission in making the world a better place.

Also the event meant to show that everyone can brainstorm ideas into bettering the social entrepreneur and our lifestyle. And for us, it was to show the ease to buy lunch boxes online.

And in that the event managed to achieve its goals.