paper lunch box

Paper lunch box collaboration for positive changes

How can a telecom company and a paper lunch box producer work together? Webe and Foodabox made it happen, and it created a beautiful project!

Webe is a well-known telecom company in Malaysia, but they are also more than that. The company created a platform for Malaysians to make positive change happen for the community. For one of the projects to make Malaysia a greener and healthier place, Foodabox and Webe joined their force. The result is the #webeunitybox, a specially designed paper lunch box.

Picture perfect paper lunch box

This food box promotes a greater understanding amongst different communities and racial harmony.  All the boxes produced through the #webeunitybox project will feature a collection of pictures. But not just normal pictures!  All of them are shared over social media and show what people love about being Malaysian. It is a celebration of our similarities through a unique channel – a paper lunch box.

paper lunch box

Project progress

We moved to different stages with this project. But first of all, we had to promote the idea and make our message clear: ”Polystyrene and plastic are for mother nature, let’s prevent the destruction of mother nature today.” Once we collected enough votes to get us started, we could focus on making the product a reality. People started to share pictures with us and we put them all on the box. The result is a beautiful grid of what people love about being Malaysian. Find out more about our campaign here.

paper lunch box


Find this special paper lunch box at your favorite restaurant

After we created the design, the production started. A total of 500,000 boxes are produced and printed. Everything was ready for distribution. Restaurants loved the design and the cheaper price we where able to provide. The Webe box is widely distributed among different restaurants. And it is making a positive change for everyone! Webe gets a lot of brand exposure. Restaurants enjoy the lower price of the pare lunch boxes. And most important, we help restaurants to use less plastic and polystyrene boxes. Curious where you can find the #webeunitybox? Learn more about the whole project! 

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