Eco-Friendly Meal Boxes To Feel Good

Feel Good With Advertising On Our Eco-Friendly Meal Boxes

On November 12th we had the SEHATI Grand Finale.

SEHATI serves to be the place where everyone can find out and spark interest about the social enterprise.

That is why there is a TALKFest in place.

What Is TALKFest?

Well TALKFest features the social entrepreneurs from Malaysia. The social entrepreneurs will share their experiences about their businesses, their inspiring stories in starting their social enterprise and their journey.

So this functions in SEHATI to expose you and hopefully create more understanding about the social enterprise.

SEHATI 2016 took place in 12 states of Malaysia and it’s Grand Finale took place in Subang Jaya’s EX8

What Else Has SEHATI Have To Offer?

SEHATI also serves to clear up all the misconceptions about the social enterprise, shares the common business models of the social entrepreneurs that have been successful.

There was also a session in which we unveiled our eco-friendly meal boxes and shows that our advertising abilities could be used.

As a lot of Malaysians like to eat, the biggest consumption in Malaysia is food. And most likely in Malaysia, you will find that most food eateries have polystyrene boxes as their so used to using them as their meal boxes for home.

Thus, to prove to them that you can have a better alternative to the ever harmful polystyrene boxes. We not only came up with the meal boxes designed specifically for their satisfaction, we also proved that the boxes are as cheap as the polystyrene boxes.

What Was The Grand Finale About?

Well, just that. The bazaar was opened at the Grand Finale and we took the opportunity to prove that our boxes was a good advertising space for any food business that wants to get their brand image out to as many people as they can.

And whom represented us at both the Grand Finale and at the SEHATI TALKFest?

Well our own co-founder Mr Dick Lim.

He managed to give a resounding talk about the journey and the struggle of Foodabox. Yet, Foodabox still stands. Why?
All because of simple advertising skills and the ability to persuade the businesses to make changes without sacrificing their brand image nor their cost effectiveness to perform well.


at the grand finale find the eco-friendly meal boxes of foodabox

Above is the picture of the event itself, or rather to be more accurate the logo of the event.

In which it shows us that the event did work hard on achieving it’s goals and succeeded in doing so.