Green Delivery Food Boxes For Raya

Green Delivery Food Boxes That Are Truly Malaysian

In the month of July, we Malaysians celebrated the holy month of Ramadan. Where Muslims in Malaysia observe the month of Ramadan by fasting and only being able to break their fast during the evening.

Thus, we wanted to show that we could help the businesses who most likely would be facing the heaviest amounts of consumers; the restaurants that they could extend their reach with our simple green delivery food boxes.


Because of Ramadan, the highways of Malaysia is usually grid-locked and thus, very hard to get to anywhere let alone food shops.

So, most of the time Malaysians either cook at home, or order from the shops that they most want. Thus, what better way than to use their uniquely creative brand design on the food box to increase their reach to more people in Malaysia.

Hence, in this Ramadan we have encouraged the food businesses to use our green delivery food boxes that are not only authentically theirs but also encapsulates the spirit of Ramadan and the spirit of being Malaysian.

green delivery food boxes for Ramadan

Shown in the image above, you can have a variety of design and the most creative way to show off your brand image and brand design to best suit the businesses taste to ensure their satisfaction.

Along with a greeting of the well wishes of the celebration known to Malaysians as “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” on the top of the box as well, will be our logo and the thanks for saving the environment.

A Special Occasion

Now “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” is a special occasion as it takes place after a full month of fasting as Muslims finish their observation of Ramadan.

“Hari Raya Aidilfitri” is the celebration of forgiveness, and of reflection to their experience of fasting. During this celebration, the Muslims in Malaysia usually invite their neighbors over for a feast and to essentially celebrate new beginnings.

So, in having a feast they will most likely cater food to their guests and if businesses want to sell their food they can use our food boxes and help the hosts make a better feast with the well known food from experienced food businesses.

For this Raya, celebrate with your loved ones and also celebrate with Foodabox because we want the best for your business.

We want to help you extend your reach and hopefully make a positive change.