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Innovative Packaging Design And Launch Of Projek 57

The Launch Of Projek 57 And Our Innovative Packaging Design

On the 21st of May 2016, we celebrated the launch of Projek 57 and this was a very special event.

Why you may ask?

Well it’s because of the Ola Bola cast joining us at the launch as well as other sports legends. And they joined in supporting the cause of Projek 57.

projek 57 innovative packaging launch

Projek 57, created by two friends who had the vision and the mission ,from growing up in a hot pot of culture, known as Malaysia and to use their social entrepreneur knowledge in building and encouraging any Malaysian to pushing Malaysia toward a future we can all be proud of.

Not Only That

It is also to renew hope for Malaysians and reinventing the Malaysian Dream. As our Founding Father, Tun Abdul Rahman envisioned for our country. In the hopes of uniting the three races of our country, the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians after receiving independence from the British Empire during 1957.

Thus, Projek 57 serves as a reflection of the past and to remember the values instilled by our Founding Father. Not only that but to show that we have the potentials in becoming a better country together. So, it encourages people to join up in the cause in tapping in these potentials and further uncovering more of the hope that we will one day be as established as our fellow Asian neighbors.

Projek 57 sells T-shirts as well as other merchandise to feature messages of hope and positive messages for our nation. It also serves to help break the poverty cycle, thus, they give their profits to the relevant charities as well as programs that help struggling single mothers and underprivileged youth.

So, it is no wonder why we supported the launch of their social enterprise. We also helped them by unveiling our innovative packaging design that we created for them . This is to ensure that the word about Projek 57 can be spread and the awareness about this new social enterprise of today.

During The Launch.

As per usual, our co-founder, Dick Lim,talked about the usage of polystyrene boxes at the event and that at least 85 tonnes of polystyrene are being used everyday. We also showed that we serve to hopefully stop this usage but for now, every reduction of the usage, counts.

innovative packaging design by Foodabox

So we wanted the audience of that day to help spread the word about Projek 57 and their cause as well as ours.