Magic Accelerator Program Social Enterprise Track - Foodabox

MaGIC Accelerator Program is Now Open!

MaGIC Accelerator Program Social Enterprise Track Nationwide Roadshow 2016.

Magic organized a showcase for Perak people about the upcoming Magic Accelerator Program 2016 (MAP), and invited Foodabox to share their experience.

MaGIC Accelerator Program Roadshow

For Foodabox, the journey to replace polystyrene food boxes with the eco-friendly food box via advertising in Malaysia has come to a sweet part- sharing of our success as a way of giving back to Magic. Magic invited them to share their story on what is Foodabox all about, what is the food box advertising concept, how is it environmental-friendly and what are the experiences they got as participants during the Magic Accelerator Program to inspire the Perak people to become part of the Magic Accelerator Program Social Enterprise Track. As both Perakians, June and Jinn prepared their tickets as they travel to Ipoh by train to attend the night event.

Let the Sharing Begins!

Many people attended the event and were thrilled to know more about Magic Acceleration Program and what they have to offer. The event started with Sam,  shared about the overall structure of the accelerator program and also explained some success stories. It has aroused a lot of attention and it was an eye opening for the participants because some have not heard of Magic and the great opportunity offered by them.

Magic Accelerator Program structure explained

Magic then invited June to share their experience while they were in the Magic Accelerator Program under the social enterprise track. June shared in a joyful tone, in appreciation towards Magic and told the audience how Foodabox would not have been here today, without the help from the Magic Acceleration Program. He not only gained accommodation and allowances, but also friends, networks, mentorship and experience. He also explained what lunch box advertising is and how it helps to provide cheaper sustainable food packaging to food operators in Malaysia. The experience that the Magic program to accelerate social related startups, was an astounding one. With the help of June, the audiences were further convinced of Magic’s effort to create interest and participation in their next accelerator program for aspiring social entrepreneurs.

Foodabox shares its experience during the Magic Accelerator Program Cohort 1

The session went smoothly, with great response from the audience. Hopefully, Magic will continue to run its accelerators to help foster more budding social entrepreneurs and  make this world a better place. Looking forward to the upcoming Magic Accelerator Program 2016!

MaGIC Accelerator Program Roadshow