foodabox recyclable lunch box

Reusable Lunch Boxes To Take Home

Take4Me Reusable Lunch Boxes

We organized a campaign called Take4Me on the 18th of April 2016 and we collaborated with the Multimedia University(MMU) Green Club.

The objective of this campaign?

Well it’s to spread awareness and the message that we should reduce the usage of the polystyrene boxes in our everyday lives and to show that there is an alternative as to the polystyrene boxes.

The campaign took place at the Central Plaza of MMU and we gave out reusable lunch boxes during our campaign because we wanted people to have their own reusable lunch box.

Next, the campaign also served as a showcase to reduce and that the wastage of using polystyrene boxes can be stopped. Before the campaign was fully in place we also asked to spread the word about the campaign and to refer friends to the campaign.

There were many fun-filled activities that allowed the students to participate and back home our food box;

The lunch box.

We wanted to show that everyone could use uniquely reusable lunch boxes on a daily basis and that they did not need to rely on the usage of plastic and/or polystyrene boxes in their university because there is always a better alternative and that was our reusable lunch boxes that we had created for the campaign itself.

reusable lunch boxesFoodabox reusable lunch boxes

Thus, during the campaign which spanned during April the 18th to May the 18th, we managed to meet up with the students of MMU to collect and use our reusable lunch boxes in the future. The container had two compartments and cutleries.

We further encouraged the usage of our lunch boxes by informing the students that they could return it and reuse it as we would clean it for them throughout the campaign.

Foodabox lunch boxes

The turnout during the campaign was pretty big as the students could also choose their favorite lunch box colors and even other friends who were  not able to register quick enough for the campaign itself.

Foodabox Campaign at MMU to encourage students bring their own lunch boxes

From this it showed us that the future is in good hands. That is a very promising ideal that a lot of students are ready to change for the better.They also understand that change is something that takes a long time and if they don’t start now they will never be able to start anytime soon.

Comprehensively the outcome of this campaign far exceeded our expectations.